Used Mobile Home Buying Checklist and Tips.


used mobile home dealers in lakelandAre you looking at used mobile homes for sale in your area either privately or though a dealer?

Here are some tips that may help you save money.

Not every one looking for a mobile home is interested in buying a new home some are looking for a used mobile home dealer to help them find a bargain with in their local area.

Mobile home dealers in most states are governed by and controlled by department of highway safety and motor vehicles or an equivalent.

Despite the initial lower cost of a used home do not forget that most of the local and state construction regulations will still apply and many of the construction costs will be the same.

What to look for when buying a mobile home used:

Here are some basic things to look out for when buying a used mobile home from a dealer or a private individual.

Structural Considerations.

What does the home look like from the outside as a first impression?

Has the mobile home been cared for regularly? You can tell when you pull up to a property whether or not the occupants care about the home. If it looks shoddy and untidy outside chances are the mobile home itself gets very little attention.

Does the roof look good? Can you see signs of obvious repairs? Shingles not matching, baton strips, plastic or tarpaulin covers.

Is the siding still in place? The siding is there to protect the house from the elements, if its missing there could be problems.

Does the home have skirting are there any cracks or holes? Cracks and holes in the underpinning leave access for animals, particularly rats, which can do a lot of damage to the insulation and underbelly.

Inside Inspection of a used mobile home.

What does the inside of the home smell like? As soon as you open the door does it smell fresh or musty? Can you smell damp or even mold growing. Cats can leave a very bad odor which can be hard to remove.

Are there any pets? Unneutered male cats can destroy a home all on their own! Dogs can also smell even though the owner may not be aware.

Is the floor soft especially in the kitchen or bathroom? If the floors are soft it is usually an indication of  a leak or frequently wet area. Some earlier mobile homes had particle board floors which swell when wet. Modern homes use plywood which is ideal.

Check under sinks for evidence of leaking. Some old plumbing in homes starts to leak over time and leaves tell tale signs in bathroom and kitchen cupboards.

Do the doors shut properly? This is just cosmetic usually due to worn out hinges but could also be a sign of the manufactured home being out of level.

Look for cracking at the center line. Usually a leveling issue but can be a sign of roof problems.

Are there stains on the ceiling or evidence of repairs? When a mobile home leaks it can be difficult to find the source of the water. Stains on the dry wall are a sure sign of problems with wind damage or just old worn out shingles.

In short when I check out a used mobile homes I am looking for:

  • No roof leaks or stains.
  • Solid plywood floor.
  • No signs of rats or cockroaches.
  • No strong smells.

Everything else can be easily fixed.

Local and State Regulations For Mobile Homes

Permits and health department rules still apply although there are some differences with the used home option.