Doublewide Mobile Homes

Once mobile homes became popular potential buyers started to look for something a little extra after all some of those single wide mobile homes are very impressive and very practical but on the inside lack the feel of a real house.

The only problem with making a mobile home wider than say 16 feet is that highway regulations come into play.

double wide mobile homesA 32 feet Wide House whilst very practical and desirable to live in would be extremely difficult to transport down county and state highways. For this reason it was decided to divide the homes into manageable sections for transportation to the construction site.

Double wide mobile homes have been around for quite some time in the United States. They have become more popular since the early nineties and are now available throughout the country.

These homes are constructed in two sections at the factory and then transported to the job site where they are joined together by a licensed mobile home contractor.

The roof walls and floor are bolted together and covered with shingles and siding on the outside whilst the carpet is seamed and the walls are trimmed on the inside.

Cross over connections are made from one side of the house to the other for essential services such as the water supply, waste water disposal and the electrical supply. In some instances all of the bathrooms, the kitchen and the laundry room are constructed on one side of the house to make these set up procedures easier.

In the state of Florida the largest double wide mobile home that is generally available is a 32′ x 80′ transported in two 16 feet sections giving a total of 2400 square feet of living space under air. These mobile homes are larger than the average conventionally built home in most regions of the United States.

There are however some drawbacks to this idyllic sounding scenario not least of which is a need for a larger piece of land and the general lack of mobile home parks able to accommodate these larger manufactured homes.

In fact most registered mobile home parks do not have the roadways or the necessary turning space to spot these giants with trucks.

The cost of installation for these larger homes can be much higher with almost double the amount of materials needed and substantially higher labor costs.

That being said in my experience most people today are opting for a double wide mobile home but please do your necessary research before ordering any of these larger units.

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