Installing, Setting Up Your Home | Set Up.

mobile home setup and installation 1st half on the spotInstallation or “Set up” as it is otherwise known in the industry is the complete process of putting your mobile home on vacant land or mobile home park lot.

In Florida only a licensed mobile home installer can install a mobile home.
This setup process includes but is by no means limited to:

Permits & Plans.
Necessary permissions from local government agencies.

Currently most states and counties require a licensed contractor to obtain a permit, surveys, submit site plans and pay the necessary county and impact fees.

Building a pad.
Bringing in fill dirt to build a foundation pad.

This is a requirement of Florida State statute 15c to ensure adequate storm drainage and to prevent standing water collecting under the home.

mobile home set up contractorsFrame Blocking.
Raising the home to the required level and placing the mobile home on concrete blocks.

Installing ground anchors and longitudinal systems.

Connecting anchors to the home’s steel beams with hurricane straps.

Joining sections together.
Raising and pulling sections of the home together, and then securing with fasteners.

Raising Roofs.
Some homes have a normal 6/12 pitch roof which needs to be raised on site.

Septic Tanks.
Homes often require a septic tank and drainfield for waste management.

Connecting the home to a sewer or septic system.

Installing a service pole or connecting to existing grid.

Air Conditioning.
Delivery and installation of HVAC  services and equipment/units.

Our company has been involved in set up for the last 16 years.

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