Mobile Home Pest Control Tips and Tricks

rats_and_other_pestsMobile home pest control tips and tricks for manufactured home owners are generally the same as those for conventionally constructed homes.

There are however some particular areas that deserve special attention.

These are particularly easy to overlook.

The mobile home skirting should be checked for holes and cracks which will appear eventually from exposure to the UV rays in sunlight particularly in the southern states.

If you use a “weed wacker” or “strimmer” to keep your yard edges trimmed and looking neat these machine will throw acorns and other debris against the skirting causing holes that make access easy to local pests.

The underbelly which holds the floor insulation in place is also an area that can deteriorate over time.

What Household Pests Can we Expect in Florida?

  • Rats and mice
  • Squirrels
  • opossums
  • Termites
  • Cats
  • Snakes and lizards
  • Insects ants cockroaches

and other pests can be a major source of annoyance for any homeowner.

So before we take a look at the preventative measures  let’s examine what can happen if we leave these creepy critters to their own devices……


Here are are some simple preventative measures  to protect your home and your loved ones.

  • Check all exterior vents, siding, eaves, gutters, and air conditioner vents for openings. Be sure any wood in contact with the ground is treated. Check skirting for small tears or openings where mice and other pests can gain access. If they can get under your home, chances are they can come inside.

  • If you already have mice, use peanut butter as bait to capture them in traps you can set where you find the openings in your skirting. Once you feel you have captured the majority of them you should make necessary repairs to prevent re-entry.

  • If you find holes in the walls you can use steel wool to fill them. Mice cannot chew through the steel wool. You can then use a wall patch to repair the holes.

  • If you have an insect problem, depending on the severity, you can use a store bought insecticide (Remember to follow the instructions carefully) or it may be wise to call an exterminator. It’s a good idea to have your home inspected for termites annually, even if your mobile home has a metal roof and siding.

  • Wildlife will also attempt to live in your bottom board. They can destroy the insulation and damage the floor of your home. Some local animal shelters will let you rent live traps. It’s best not to use poison outside since it could harm your pets or your neighbors pets. Once you have removed the animal repair the bottom board and the skirting.

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Always contact a professional if the problem is too much to handle by yourself.

So before we take a look at the preventative measures  let’s examine what can happen if we leave these creepy critters to their own devices……

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