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Contract Terms For Mobile Home Installation.

These are our contract terms for mobile home installation or setup.

Due to circumstances beyond our control construction estimates for mobile home installations are often given by our company without the benefit of complete information regarding local conditions, regulations, and job-specific circumstances.

Therefore all quotes or estimates given are for a standard installation in standard conditions.

Any changes to the contract based upon these terms must be signed by both the contractor and the homeowner or their duly appointed representatives. Contract changes for non-standard work or requested upgrades must be recorded on a change order.

This document contains our contract terms for mobile home installation. If you have any questions please contact us before signing any contracts

Standard Installation.

New home transportation, permits, and escorts are included in the factory delivery.

Site visit and lot staked out with appropriate flags or markers.
Whether on private land or in a registered mobile home park the site must be accessible by standard toter delivery truck.
Fill dirt delivery, standard 2 loads (dump truck loads)
Tractor service standard 2 hours max to build pad and spot home.

Permit application, NOC, standard site plan, blocking plan, torque test, penetrometer test, approved material certification.
Environmental Health. (Septic systems only)
Pump and certification by licensed septic tank installer.
Environmental health permit application.

Block and anchor.
Block and anchor according to factory specifications for a new home or Florida state code 15-c for used homes.
Average height to beam < 24 inches.
4-foot anchors and standard stabilizer devices.

External closeup.
Standard shingle roof cap.
Drip edge, fascia, and soffit at front and back peaks.
Standard vinyl dutch lap siding front and back end walls.

Internal closeup (trim)
Standard installation of factory-supplied wall and ceiling trim panels and batons.
Standard carpet seam/seams.

Interconnect sewer pipes below the belly of the house.
Connection to a municipal sewer system, park system, or septic tank.
Connect the water supply to the home with a 3/4 inch pipe via a shut-off valve and a check valve.
Install 2 external hose bibs complete with anti-siphon devices.
Plumbing standard distances < 20ft to sewer or tank < 40ft to well or meter.

The electrical connection between the mobile home and the existing service or supply.
Electrical connection between the mobile home A/C and Internal breaker box.
Installing ground rod and bonding wire.

Air conditioning and heating (HVAC)
Delivery and installation of appropriate size (tonnage) unit, running insulated flexible duct to factory-installed connections, installing heat strip, and thermostat wiring to code.

2 Steps standard 38 inches wide < 42 inches high.
With a 40-inch square landing platform.
2 Side rails or 1 back rail and 1 side rail as needed.
Fiberglass, steel, or wooden steps installed to local building code.

White-vented vertical vinyl. Stylecrest or equivalent.
One access panel adjacent to the water shut off valve.

Non-standard installation.

Oversize Permit fees.
Hauling fees.
Pole cars.

Removing, replacing, or repairing fences.
Driveway culvert installation or replacement costs.
Trimming cutting and or removing trees, bushes, shrubs.
Removal of existing debris.
Buried homes, construction debris, or garbage under home.
Removal, transportation, installation of sheds.
Removal, disposal of concrete/asphalt driveways, raised porch demolition.
Silt fence installation/removal.
Tree planting requirements.
General sodding or Landscaping.
Pest, animal or insect removal
Building Bridges or ramps
Bulldozer spotting.
Crane usage.
Matting in homes, trucks, cranes.
Using rollers to get the mobile home onto the job site.
French drains.

Permit Fees 
Tie in surveys.
Boundary surveys.
Drainage surveys.
Impact fees.

Environmental Health. (Septic systems only)
Permit fees
Septic tank repair or replacement or abandonment costs.
Drain-field upgrades, repairs, full or partial replacement.
Septic tank permits.

Block and anchor.
Frames > 24 inches high (double stack corners)
Frames > 35 inches high (double stack I beam)
Frames > 56 inches (local engineering)
Bird system.
Filled cells, mortared joints.
Torque test < 275 lbs-ft (5-foot anchors)
External closeup.
Deck work/trim outs.
Hardi -board external trim.
Styrofoam backed lap siding.
Internal closeup (trim).
Tape and texture finishes. (fto)
Wooden flooring.
Vinyl flooring.

County imposed wastewater pipe pressure tests.
Double (commercial style) code imposed check valve installation and testing.
Utility company supervised connections.

Power pole upgrades.
Meter installation.
Power usage upgrades. (Most homes require 200 amps)

Air conditioning and heating (HVAC)
Custom Upgrades.
Special Configurations.
Flood zone heights.

Concrete steps.
Stucco finishes.
Steps over 48 inches high
Steps over 38 inches wide

Stucco finish
Lap skirting
Split block loose stacked.
Cement block.

If you have any questions regarding the above contract terms please contact us.