Mobile Home Movers Breaking Down a Mobile Home

toter pulling a mobile home to a new location

Breaking down a mobile home means that the home is taken apart at the roof, end walls and floor prior to moving the sections to a new location. Assuming that the homeowner house previously removed all of their furniture, personal belongings to a safe location. The process involves the setup crew arriving at the site […]

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    Installing, Setting up your home.

    mobile home setup and installation 1st half on the spot

    Installation or “Set up” as it is otherwise known in the industry is the complete process of putting your mobile home on vacant land or mobile home park lot. In Florida only a licensed mobile home installer can install a mobile home. This setup process includes but is by no means limited to: Permits & […]

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      Mobile Home Demolition and Removal

      mobile home demolition and removal

      The saying “all good things must come to an end” definitely applies to mobile homes especially homes made 20 or 30 years that suffer storm damage, or those old homes with particleboard floors in the kitchens and bathrooms. Unless the home has received some love and attention over the years there comes a point where […]

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        Manufactured Home Transportation- Mobile Home Toter


        Back in the day your average person with a little bit of ingenuity was able to hook their mobile home to the back of their truck and head off into the sunset. Those days are over now and transporting the mobile home from one location to another requires special equipment, a robust truck and a […]

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          Tree Services

          Lakeland tree trimming and removal services

          If you are installing a mobile home on your own land and need trees removing or trimming prior to moving or setting.  If you need storm damage removal: Level my mobile home recommends “Waters Tree Service” for all of your storm clean up, tree trimming and tree removal. Call     (863) 307 9107     ask to […]

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