How to Remove and Replace Mobile Home Floor Joists – Full Instructions.

Finished floor project

Replace Mobile Home Floor Joists – Overview Of The Main Steps. Remove the carpet or flooring. Cut the sub floor and remove the panels. Cut and remove the damaged floor joists. Check the condition of the rim joists. Support the side walls of the home. Remove the damaged joists. Replace the damaged floor and rim … Read more

What Is Braced Mobile Home Skirting – FHA Skirting Regulations For Loans.

FHA braced skirting

What Is Braced Mobile Home Skirting? Bracing your mobile home skirting means the installation of a fixed structural support located behind the skirting panels. This support will usually be made of wooden or light steel studs attached to the home, the ground and the existing or new skirting. Bracing is often a FHA  loan requirement. … Read more

Mobile Home Anchor Retrofit-Do You Need An Anchor Upgrade?

mobile home anchor retrofit

Introduction. Does your home need a mobile home anchor retrofit? Earlier this week I visited a homeowner in Lakeland to relevel his doublewide mobile home. Whilst under the home I noticed that his anchors were no longer attached to the straps. The anchor heads were so corroded that they were barely recognizable. The anchors in … Read more

How To Repair Mobile Home Exterior Sheathing – Water Damage Behind Siding.

Introduction. Find out how to repair mobile home exterior sheathing by following the easy steps explained below. I was just preparing to build a new deck on a mobile home when I realised that there was structural damage to the mobile home wall. Water had managed to squeeze between the old deck and the mobile … Read more

How to Easily Replace Mobile Home Windows. Simple DIY Instructions for Home Owners.

Replace Mobile Home Windows

Changing Mobile Home Windows – Introduction. If you want to know how to replace mobile home windows then here are your directions. This is a fairly easy do it yourself project for the homeowner.  Replacement windows are freely available at mobile home outlets and most large home improvement stores. New windows are energy-efficient, easy to … Read more

How to Repair a Mobile Home Floor

How to Repair a Mobile Home Floor

This article will explain how to repair a mobile home floor. Floor repairs are a fairly easy job for a homeowner with basic tools to complete. Floor damage is a common issue in older mobile home as the floors were made from absorbant materials such as chipboard and other particleboard floors. Once wet these floor … Read more

How To Install A New Mobile Home Anchor – Full Instructions.

How To Install A New Mobile Home Anchor

What Is A Mobile Home Anchor? A mobile home anchor is a device used by installers to hold a mobile home down onto it’s pier foundation. The anchor prevents the home from lifting up during a storm. Anchors stop the “I” beam from moving laterally on the piers which leads to foundation failure. Each anchor … Read more

How to Build a Mobile Home Support Pier – “I” Beam Foundation.

How to Build a Mobile Home Support Pier

It could be useful to learn how to build a mobile home support pier in order to re-level your home, straighten out a pier or even put extra support under a bay window, a pool table, or a large bathtub. In any of these cases you will need to know how to properly build a support … Read more

Annual Repairs – Is Your Home Hurricane Ready?

Is Your Home Hurricane Ready

Is your Home Hurricane Ready? Hurricane season began on June 1st which is significant to those of us who live in the southeast states of the USA in particular Florida, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Louisiana. Only a few days into the season and already we have experienced the devastation that is caused … Read more

Mobile Home Pest Control Tips and Tricks

mobile home pest control

Mobile home pest control tips and tricks for manufactured homeowners are generally the same as those for conventionally constructed homes. There are however some particular areas that deserve special attention. These are particularly easy to overlook. The mobile home skirting should be checked for holes and cracks which will appear eventually from exposure to the … Read more