How To Install A New Mobile Home Anchor.

tools to install an anchor

Dig a 2′ deep hole with post hole diggers, turn the anchor all the way down into the ground, backfill the hole, connect the hook to the beam, connect the strap to the anchor head and finally tighten the split bolt.

Why Would I Need A New Anchor?

Occasionally you may need to install a new mobile home anchor to replace an old, rusted or damaged tie-down. Anchors and straps are in constant contact with the ground and moisture.

Older anchors installed prior to1997 were likely to be made of non galvanized steel which deteriorates rapidly.

It is a fairly simple procedure in reasonable ground conditions.

This is an important area of mobile home maintenance that is often ignored.

Tools that you will need:

  • Posthole diggers.
  • Shovel.
  • Metal snips.
  • 2-15/16″ sockets or wrenches

Materials you will need:

  • 1 – 4-foot anchor with a 6-inch helix.
  • 24 inch piece of 2″x 4″ lumber (scrap/offcut)
  • Galvanized strap.
  • 1 split bolt.
  • One beam strap and beam hook.
Galvanized Mobile Home Split bolts
Split Bolts

Note:  Only a State licensed mobile home installer can install a mobile home in the state of Florida.

Here we are only talking about the installation an extra anchor or two where needed.

How to Mark the Anchor Location on the Ground.

Mark the location of the anchor on the ground directly below the attachment point on the home or shed.

Tip: Drop a stone or a piece of dirt from the attachment point to the ground in order to locate the precise placement.

Then mark the ground 6 inches behind this 1st mark this point will be the center off the anchor and will be the location of the mobile home anchor head after its final installation.

Using the Post Hole Diggers to the Correct Depth.

Using your post hole diggers, start to dig your hole so that the bottom of the hole will be at an angle of 15 degrees towards the home. Dig down approximately 2 feet removing the excess dirt as necessary.

Tip: You may need to widen the access to the top of the hole in order to effectively use the post hole diggers. The sides of the hole tend to prevent the opening of the diggers.

At this point, you have a 2-foot hole into which you place the 4 foot galvanized anchor.

Installing the Mobile Home Anchor into the Ground.

Take the 24 inch  2″ x 4″  and place it in the slot in the anchor head this should give you enough leverage to rotate the anchor head.

Next, you will need to turn the anchor in a clockwise direction applying some constant pressure in a downward direction as you turn.

Sometimes the anchor will go in really easily if the ground is sandy but sometimes it can become difficult.

Tip: If you are finding it hard to move occasionally turn the anchor half a turn in the opposite direction to loosen up the ground, then proceed as before.

When the bottom of the anchor is level with the top of the hole stop turning.

Filling in the Hole the Right Way.

The bolt holes in the anchor head should be parallel to the side of the home. Out towards the sides of the anchor head as you look at it from above.

Now take the shovel fill in the top of the hole taking care to tamp down the soil every 6 inches or so to make sure that the ground is compacted and firm.

Tip: Use the end of the 2 x 4 to compress the soil.
Continue this procedure until the hole is completely backfilled and the anchor head rests on the soil.

Attach The Galvanized Beam Strap To The Beam.

Old staps may be wrapped around the steel I beam but today installers use a strap with a special clamp. Attach the beam hook to the TOP of the beam. Connect the strap using the supplied 3/4″ bolt.

Pull the strap down towards the anchor head.

Connect The Strap To The Anchor Head.

Cut off the anchor strap leaving 8 inches beyond the anchor. Put the split bolt loosely into one of the square slots and turn the nut onto the bolt, one turn only for now.

Insert the strap through the slit in the split bolt with the end of the strap flush with the bolt.

Place the 15/16″ sockets onto each end of the bolts and turn until tight. The square collar on the split bolt neck should be squeezed into the square hole in the anchor head to lock the bolt in place.

Satisfactory Task Completion Check.

You now know what it takes to install a new mobile home anchor which should now be situated slightly under the home. Clear of the skirting and in line with the overhead strap attachment on the home or shed.