How to Use Concrete Anchors to Tie Down your Mobile Home

What are Concrete Tie Down Anchors? Concrete tie down anchors are a type of anchor essential for any mobile home on concrete. These anchors are made of galvanized high-strength steel, and they are attached to the concrete using expansion bolts to ensure that your home will stay in place. Each anchor has an up-lift rating … Read more

What Are Perimeter Piers – Do I Need Them?

perimeter piers on a park model

Perimeter piers as the name suggests are piers that are installed around the perimeter or outside walls of your mobile home. Some home manufacturers require them, some homes call for them by building code and some homes just have a few in specific places. Below you will find out what they are and why you … Read more

How To Seal A Mobile Home Marriage Line – Using Mating Gasket During Set Up.

using sill sealer as mating gasket

By placing a water-proof, airtight sealer between the sections of the mobile home prior to connecting the modules together. This ensures a barrier between the living area and the outside elements and the main home from the roof space. Why is a Barrier Important? With all homes, there is a difference in air temperature between … Read more

Do I Need A Foundation Pad For My Mobile Home?

Solid Pad for My Mobile Home

What Is a Mobile Home Foundation pad? Mobile homes and manufactured homes need a foundation pad. The foundation pad is an area of fill dirt sometimes made of sand and clay. This pad is built where your new mobile home will be setup. Mobile homes are installed by a State licensed installer. The homes are … Read more

How To Block A Single Wide Mobile Home. – 12 Steps

Introduction To Blocking A Single Wide Mobile Home. I have chosen to write about blocking a single wide home for clarity. Blocking a multi-section home is the same process in principle if we ignore the need to move one section towards the other. I have chosen to describe the method using manual tools and concrete … Read more

Mobile Home Setup-How Much Will It Cost To Setup My Mobile Home?

Mobile home setup cost

What will be my costs? I hear this question all the time and there’s not a quick and easy answer to it. The installation of a mobile home or “mobile home setup” is known in the industry. Blocking and anchoring the mobile home that you have is called “setting” the home or “installing”  the home. … Read more

Mobile Homes With Raised Roof Structures – 6 /12 Roof Pitch.

Raised Roof Structures

Introduction To Mobile Home Roofing. Before we get into raised roof structures, traditionally mobile homes had a low curve to the roof which was a throwback to when they were more mobile than they are today. Homes today are fixed structures once they have been transported from the factory to the homestead. Because of their … Read more