Do I need a Foundation Pad for My Mobile Home?

What is a mobile home Foundation pad?

Mobile home Foundation pad is an area of fill dirt usually made of sand and clay. This pad is built where your new mobile home will be placed. It is the foundation on which the pier system is placed.

Why do I need one?

Spreading the dirt

The ground under a mobile home needs to be graded in order to prevent water and moister from collecting under your home.
Mobile homes must be built on a pad foundation in the state of Florida

How thick should a Dirt Pad be?

Thick enough to produce a slightly domed profile.
The foundation pad underneath your mobile home should extend at least four feet beyond the perimeter of your foundations.
This will ensure that water slopes away from the house and not towards it.

How Wide Should My Pad Be?

The foundation pad needs to be extend a minimum of 4 feet beyond the edge of the home. Ten feet extra all the way around the home would be ideal. as this allows the grade to reduce gradually down to the adjacent ground.

Load Bearing Capacity?

The load-bearing capacity of the soil will depend on the existing ground conditions and the firmness of the fill dirt brought in by the contractor.
Load bearing capacity is usually measured in pounds per square foot and will be tested by the contractor or local engineer at the time of obtaining the building permit.
The contractor will use a penetrometer to test the soil in six different locations rounded down to the nearest 500 pounds.

Does the pad need to be compacted?

Compacted fill makes sense and if you have the chance do this then go ahead.
However in Florida it is not code.
The foundation pad sizes will be adjusted to meet the load bearing capacity of the fill.

What Type of Fill Dirt Do I Need?

Grading the lotSand would be 1000 lbs per square foot. (avoid if at all possible.)

Sand and clay mix at 80:20 tends to be around 1500 lbs per square foot.

The 2nd mixture would be ideal.

Try to avoid shale or rocks as these are difficult to work with and tend to move over time.


This pad is one of the most important aspects of your foundation and if you get this part right and your home will stay solid for a long time.

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