What Will It Cost To Level My Mobile Home – Relevel Costs

Cost To Level My Mobile Home

Maybe you are about to embark on a major renovation and want to make sure that your home is level before starting your project. Perhaps your home just feels wrong or your doors and windows have become difficult to operate.

This guide will help you understand what releveling a mobile home entails and what you can expect to pay.

What Is The Cost For Mobile Home Leveling?

So, what will it cost to level my mobile home?

To simplify the mobile home releveling process, our company performs relevels at a one-time fixed cost without needing to visit your home for an estimate. A single wide $1500, double-wide $1800. This keeps the homeowner’s cost to a minimum and reduces time spent on the project.

Our team will arrive prepared with all the necessary equipment to get your job completed in one day.

If for some reason your home cannot be releveled for the fixed price, our visit will turn into a free quote with no obligation.

The cost to level a mobile home by my company only varies according to the size of the home and how difficult it will be to repair it. We have found it more efficient both for the customer and ourselves to set fixed rates for our levelling services.

Do You Give Free Estimates For Mobile Home Leveling?

We do not routinely give estimates because estimates cost time and money. These savings are passed on to the customer.

Sending a skilled technician out to your property to give an estimate costs around 500 dollars. This includes the gas, the cost of the truck, and the man’s wages.

Generally speaking, a single wide mobile home costs 1200 dollars to level and a double wide home costs 1800 dollars.

What is a Mobile Home Relevel?

A mobile home relevel is the process of leveling a mobile home that has become tilted or unlevel. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including settling of the ground beneath the home, poor installation, or damage from severe weather.

Releveling a mobile home is a major project that should only be undertaken by experienced professionals.

What are the Risks of Releveling a Mobile Home?

When releveling a mobile home there is often some splitting of the trim along the marriage line caused by the sections of the home pulling apart.

After the home is leveled, you may need to make small repairs to the trim including new caulk and paint.

Doors hung or replaced before a relevel may not operate correctly once the level is completed.

How Long Does it Take To Re level a Mobile Home?

We will arrive at your property ready and prepared to carry out the re-levelling project which should take no longer than 3-5 hours.

Our crew will level the whole house at the I beam and not just where you are experiencing your specific problem. That way we know that your home will be put back to its original position.

Will You Charge Me More Than The Phone Estimate?

When we arrive at your home we will assess the situation and confirm what needs to be done informing you of the costs involved.

The only time that our costs will vary is if there is a need for extra materials in the form of block and pads to complete the job.

If there are any extra charges then you will be informed before the re-levelling commences. At that point, it will be up to you whether or not to continue with the levelling project.

What is Included in the Cost of a Re-level?

Removal and replacement of the necessary skirting to perform the task.

Setting up a water level and line.  Checking the level and condition of all piers under the home and devising the best plan of action for the project.

Making any adjustments to the pier heights to ensure that the beams are completely level including the supply of pressure-treated wooden shims and wedges. If any piers are found to be broken or defective they will be reset to industry standards. Piers that have fallen down will be re-situated.

Incidental materials needed to perform the re-level, including pressure-treated wood shims and wedges where required.

These are the services that are included:

  • Using a water level to check and adjust every pier under the home, making sure that the steel I beams are plumb and true.
  • Straightening out or rebuilding any existing piers that are leaning.
  • Adding up to 4 extra piers where needed.
  • Checking door operations before and after and making adjustments as required.

What Items are not Included?

Adding extra piers to the I beam, marriage line, or perimeter.

  • Tightening or replacing anchor straps.
  • Fixing holes in the underbelly.
  • Replacing insulation.
  • Replacing old or broken skirting.
  • Replacing nonworking windows or doors.

If any of these items are an issue, we will make sure that you are aware of them before we start. Any extra charges will be discussed with you before we start and the standard quote adjusted accordingly.

How ever, if our technician sees any other areas of concern whilst under the home he will bring them to the homeowners’ attention at no extra cost.

What are the Risks of Releveling a Mobile Home?

When releveling a mobile home there is often some splitting of the trim along the marriage line caused by the sections of the home pulling apart.

After the home is leveled, you may need to make small repairs to the trim including new caulk and paint.

Doors hung or replaced before a relevel may not operate correctly once the level is completed.

Home Leveling Cost Breakdown

Leveling Cost Variables

If we have to quote a price here are some of the many variables to consider when quoting the cost of a mobile home relevel:

  • Location of the Home – Fuel costs
  • Size of the Home
  • Repair Difficulty
  • Ease of access
  • Full relevel or minor adjustment

Types of Mobile Home

  • triple-wide
  • double wide
  • double wide with a tag
  • single wide
  • RV / park model

Condition of existing concrete piers

What is the condition of the piers, are they upright and straight, leaning over to one side or collapsed? Is the concrete block broken and are the wooden caps and shims still useable?

  • Loose or broken wedges
  • Broken or cracked concrete blocks
  • Piers not touching the I beam
  • Leaning or fallen piers
  • Broken base pads

Do You Give any Kind Of warranty?

Yes, we warranty our work for one year from the date of your invoice. On our receipt for the job in hand, you will find our written guarantee, which we will honor if you happen to sell the home within the year.

We sincerely hope that everything that we levelled on your home is fine, but if for some reason you are not 100% happy with our work give us a call and we will endeavor to make you happy. A new appointment will be made for our company to revisit your property.

Please call us on 863 808 2200 if you have concerns about the work performed or the materials used.

Important Notes For Home Owners.

The floor joists of your home rest on a concrete block pier and steel “I” beam foundation.

The concrete block foundation can be adjusted height-wise by adding or taking away the wooden shims located on the top of the piers.

The four steel I beams which run the length of your home are flexible and will bend when the pier height is adjusted. So when we leave your home the steel I beams will be level and resting on top of the piers.

The wooden floors and walls inside of your home, whilst also flexible, have been painted and caulked over the years. Your home may have been unlevel for years, so even after the beams have been levelled, sometimes the floors will not immediately feel that they are level.

Depending on the severity of the re-level some cracking may occur requiring joints to be re-caulked. This is easy for the homeowner to rectify.

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Now you know how much it will cost to level a mobile home. Included in this article are some areas of concern that you need to be aware of before ordering your re-level.

If you have any other questions or would like to schedule a re-levelling project please call us today on 863 808 2200 or use the contact form by clicking here.