How To Use A Water Level.

water level

In this article you will learn about using a Water Level.

Hopefully you have already read the article entitled ” How to make a water level.”

If not click the link above to be taken to that page first. It is cheap and easy to make for anyone 🙂

It is best for your projects where it is important to maintain a specified height over a large distance.

Water is particularly good for gauging the level of large structures such as mobile homes.

Water always finds its own level and so it is an excellent choice.

  • When the length of a traditional torpedo level will not span the distance between the points to be leveled.
  • Obstructions will block light or laser Laser beams.

This will generally be anything over 4 feet.

So set up the water inside the bottle to the desired height and the fluid inside the tubing will move to find its own level.

For instance, level with the transom board for a deck.

Where ever you locate the water bottle on the job site, the water in the other end the tube will be at an equal height.

You could use this type of fluid level to judge the height of your deck posts to assure the finished deck surface will be plumb and level.   Good luck with your project and if you have any questions please call me on 863 808 2200 or leave a message on the contact page.