How to Easily Replace Mobile Home Windows. Simple DIY Instructions for Home Owners.

Replace Mobile Home Windows

Changing Mobile Home Windows – Introduction.

If you want to know how to replace mobile home windows then here are your directions. This is a fairly easy do it yourself project for the homeowner.  Replacement windows are freely available at mobile home outlets and most large home improvement stores. New windows are energy-efficient, easy to clean and look great. When you get to the end of this article you will know how to change out your old mobile home windows.

Safety First.

Always wear appropriate head, hand, and eye protection when doing DIY repairs. This is especially true when dealing with power tools. Windows and glass products present their own special safety considerations. When working alone always tell another person what you are doing just in case.

Tools Needed:

Most homeowners will have the tools listed below. If not they are needed for most home projects and will repay their cost many times over.

  • Battery screwdriver/screw gun.
  • 1/4″ Hex head screwdriver bit.
  • Tape Measure.
  • Sharp Knife.
  • Torpedo level
  • Chisel.
  • Small hammer.
  • Small pry bar.
  • Caulk gun.

Materials Needed.

  • A new window.
  • 1 roll of Putty seal.
  • Matching Hex head screws 1-1/4″
  • Wooden or plastic shims.
  • Clear silicone caulk (external use).
  • Clean rag.
  • Solvent cleaner.

Measure and Select Your Replacement Windows.

Mobile home windows are measured from the inside. Measure the distance from the existing trim, top to bottom and side to side. This will give you a height and width size. You are measuring the window box but excluding the outside flanges. Sizes are fairly standard throughout the mobile home manufacturers. Allow a small amount for fitting and levelling.

Remove The Outside Trim / Lap around the Old Window.

Mobile home windows are installed from the outside. It will be necessary to either temporarily remove the trim or at least loosen the vinyl lap to gain access to the screws and flanges. With the trim out of the way, you can now remove most of the hex screws from the window flange. Use the drill and 1/4″ nut driver but leave one screw top and bottom for safety. If the window was caulked around the flange, run a shape knife around the frame to cut through.

Remove the Old Window.

Following the removal of the last 2 screws, the window is now ready to carefully remove. Use the small pry bar to gently open the space between the wall and the windows Take your time, move around the window frame until the window is loose. Get your fingers into the gaps on either side of the window and ease it from the frame. You have now removed the old window put it safely aside and out of your immediate workspace.

Clean up and Test Fit The New Window.

This is the part that most people do not take enough time to get right. Clean off all of the adhesive, caulk or putty that was sealing the old window in place. Use the chisel or a sharp knife to gently remove all remnants of the old window installation. The quality of the waterproof seal on the new window will depend on a clean surface. Lastly, clean with a solvent and let the surface dry.

Fitting The New Replacement Window.

Dry fit the new window into the opening. Make sure that the window fits squarely into the frame. It should sit level on the bottom of the wooden frame. If not use wooden or plastic shims to ensure the level. Once you have checked the fit, remove the window and place it upside down on a surface. Apply the putty tape to the window flange in such a way that it will be pressed between the window and wall. Gently press the putty onto the window flange. You need a continuous 1/2 inch bead all the way around the flange.

Install The New Window Into The Frame.

Gently hold the window in position easing the bottom frame in first then lifting to the vertical position. Place one screw into the top flange to hold the frame in place temporarily. Do not press into position yet. The first check for level, then go inside the home to check the fit left to right. There should be an equal amount of space on each side. If not loosen the screw and make an adjustment. When satisfied press the window into the putty and insert in the remaining screws, loosely at first. Tighten all screws down evenly to create a waterproof seal by squeezing the putty. Caulk the inside of the window frame with silicone.

In Conclusion.

You should now know how to replace mobile home windows.  All that is left is to replace the trim clean up and enjoy your new window.

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