How Much Will It Cost to Install My Mobile Home?

I hear this question all the time and there’s not a quick and easy answer to it.

First, it makes a difference as to whether you have a single wide or a double wide mobile home.  The size of the home makes a difference as well.

Blocking and anchoring the mobile home that you have is called “setting” it or “installing” it.  But there is so much more involved and so many other expenses.

You’re going to need to have an installer pull a permit in the appropriate county prior to the home being moved to your location.   You cannot pull your own permit as a homeowner for the installation part.

If you are installing a used mobile home then many counties will require a Pre-Inspection prior to the permit.  If you are on private land and you have a septic tank then you will need to request a “pump and cert” (a tank inspection) from a local septic contractor for the environmental health side of the permit.  If you have had one within the last year that should suffice.

The State of Florida will require that you have an appropriate pad for the mobile home to be placed on and the amount of dirt you need will vary depending on your property as well as the size of the mobile home.  The price will vary per load based on the area you are in.  It will take a tractor, dozer or bob cat to spread it.

Once you have a permit and you have a pad with the home on it; blocking and anchoring can begin.  You cannot get power nor your certificate of occupancy (CO) to live in the mobile home until you get through all of your inspections.

You are going to need plumbing, HVAC and Electrical.  These are additional expenses that come with a lot of other questions to determine those estimates.  You are going to need a set of code compliant steps by each door to the home.  And last but not least you will need to have skirting around the mobile home.

So, when you ask… “How much will it cost to set my mobile home?”  Please be sure that you know what is included when you get your answer.  Some contractors will give you the “block and anchor price” and others will tell you about everything so make sure you familiarize yourself with the scope of work in relation to your bid.

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