Can you Install Solar Panels on a Mobile Home – Mobile Home Solar System?

solar panels on a mobile home

You’ve been thinking about going solar for a while now. You’ve seen the reports and you’re convinced that installing solar panels is the right move for you. But there’s just one question holding you back: Can you Install Solar Panels on a Mobile Home? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. A lot of people are in … Read more

How to Use Concrete Anchors to Tie Down your Mobile Home

What are Concrete Tie Down Anchors? Concrete tie down anchors are a type of anchor essential for any mobile home on concrete. These anchors are made of galvanized high-strength steel, and they are attached to the concrete using expansion bolts to ensure that your home will stay in place. Each anchor has an up-lift rating … Read more

What Is Braced Mobile Home Skirting – FHA Skirting Regulations For Loans.

FHA braced skirting

What Is Braced Mobile Home Skirting? Bracing your mobile home skirting means the installation of a fixed structural support located behind the skirting panels. This support will usually be made of wooden or light steel studs attached to the home, the ground and the existing or new skirting. Bracing is often a FHA  loan requirement. … Read more

Why Do I Need Ventilation In My Mobile Home Skirting-What To Look For?

Air flow under mobile homes

Under Mobile Home Ventilation Issues Need To Be Addressed! Today’s re-leveling job in Florida prompted me to write this article about skirting ventilation. I look into the reasons for ventilation and why ignoring it will not only cost you money, it could damage your home and cause health problems. This is just one example of … Read more

How To Replace A Mobile Home Front Door- Easy DIY Instructions.

How To Replace A Mobile Home Front Door

Introduction. This article will discuss how to replace a mobile home front door with full DIY instructions for home owners. So, your mobile home front door has seen better days, and you are thinking about replacing it with a newer model. First of all, pat yourself on the back, as you have made a wise … Read more

How To Install Vinyl Siding On A Mobile Home – Full DIY Instructions?

How To Install Vinyl Siding On A Mobile Home

Below you will find full instructions on how to install vinyl siding on a mobile home. But first, let’s cover some basic siding information which should be helpful. If you already know about vinyl lap siding, click to go to the full DIY installation instructions down below. Introduction How To Install Vinyl Siding On A … Read more

How To Install Vinyl Skirting On A Mobile Home – Full DIY Guide.

How To Install Vinyl Skirting On A Mobile Home

Why Should You Listen To Me? Why should you listen to me when it comes to how to install vinyl skirting on a mobile home? This is one of the core activities that my company carries out on a daily basis. Skirting has been installed by us for hundreds of homeowners each year. I personally … Read more

Mobile Home Longitudinal And Lateral Stabilizer Devices-Are They Needed?

Stabilizer systems

What Are Longitudinal And Lateral Stabilizer Devices? Following a string of hurricanes in Florida during the 1980s and 1990s caused extensive damage to many structures including mobile homes. Investigations were carried by the Florida DHSMV to determine why the current anchor systems had failed. Up to that point anchors were tied to the I beams … Read more

Mobile Home Shed Plans For Your Backyard.

Mobile Home Shed Plans

Do you need to get your mobile home shed plans? You have your brand new mobile home installed on your beautiful two-acre lot. It looks great and you are the envy of your new neighborhood. Your furniture is laid out in its correct place, everything is neatly stowed away in the gourmet kitchen. The closets are full … Read more

What Type of Mobile Home Steps do I Need?

mobile home steps with a platform

Steps can be made of a variety of different materials. Your choice depends on the ground conditions, your budget, building regulations and visual appeal. The main contenders are: Precast concrete. Aluminum and wood. Steel and wood. Wood (pressure treated). Fiberglass. Why Do I Need Mobile Home Steps? Mobile home steps allow the homeowner to exit … Read more