FHA Skirting Specifications For Bracing

LETTER 2009-16 DATED MAY 21, 2009

REVISED 06/29/16

1. Vertical columns to be 1- 1/2″, 20 gauge hot rolled Channel Steel or heavier; or 2”x4” yellow or southern pine, pressure treated timber. Vertical columns to be installed at a maximum of 3’-0” O.C. and attached to the home at the top using 1/8”x ¾” machine screws or 2 ea. 1/4″x3/4″ wood screws. Vertical columns are to be placed around the entire periphery of the foundation to a depth of 6″ below grade.

2. For attaching vertical columns to the concrete slab, connect 2’x2”x1”x 1/4” galvanized steel angle attached with two 3/8” bolts to the concrete slab.

3. A horizontal beam of similar material as the vertical columns is to be attached around the periphery of the home at the midpoint of the vertical columns so as not to exceed 18″ from the center of the skirting opening to bottom of home and not to exceed 18″ from the center of the skirting opening to the ground elevation.

4. Skirting panels to be installed with 1/8” x31/2”” sheet metal screws attached to vertical columns at each panel top and bottom and center of panel, so as not to exceed 18” between attachments to the vertical columns and horizontal beam.. Panels are to be vinyl or preservative treated wood siding or approved alternate or as recommended by the manufacturer.

5. Minimum 35” wide trap door installed for the height of the skirting.

6. Skirting panel covering material to be as recommended by the manufacturer.

7. For skirting height greater than 36”, an additional beam(as in Item 3 above) shall be installed at the one-third points of the distance between ground and home bottom.

8. Venting shall be shall be 1 S.F. per 150 S.F. of floor area with placement and location per manufacturer and local ordinances.

9. Holes in skirting covering material shall be patched or grouted to deter water and vermin from foundation entrance.

10. Contractor shall submit alternate designs for approval by the engineer.