mobile home transportation

Manufactured Home Transport – Mobile Home Toter

Back in the day your average person with a little bit of ingenuity was able to hook their mobile home to the back of their truck and head off into the sunset.

Those days are long over now and transporting your mobile home from one location to another requires special equipment, a robust truck and a professional driver.
Today’s mobile home and modular structures can be four sections wide and up to three floors in height.

New Homes Transport.
When a New Mobile home leaves the factory for the long journey to its destination each section requires a special truck known the trade of the toter.

The toter trucks are usually equipped with the latest in a hitch technology allowing movement in six directions, this makes the spotting of the house a simple procedure.
In addition to this great care has usually been taken by the factory sales dept or dealer lot to ensure that everything is in place on the new job site.

Moving a new manufactured home from the factory or dealership to its final location
either in a park or purchased land should be fairly simple but sometimes trees and over hanging branches need to be removed.

Used Trailer Transportation with a Toter.
Used mobile homes sometimes can be a little more challenging due to the fact that they are being moved from one site to another and have already been installed once.
The setup crew will need to take special precautions when wrapping the house and also may be required to get the house off its original site to the highway and onto the new site location with translifts, and rollers and hydraulic jacks.

Moving a Mobile Home Down the Public Highway.
Once off the site the trailer that will be transported needs special lights, oversize load signs, licensed escorts, perhaps a permit and maybe even a pole car.

If the home is 16 feet the driver will need to follow the predetermined route.

Special consideration will be given to low hanging power lines and trees along the specified route.
How Much does it cost to move a Double wide.

The price that you are quoted will vary widely but is usually a fixed price for a move of up to 50 miles or part thereof, sometimes as much as $500 per section.

Often cheaper if you get everything done by the same contractor.

Due to the nature of the business some drivers will require 50% up front and the balance before unhooking at the final destination although larger operations will bill a home owner through the mobile home contractor.